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Matterport App Developers Use 3D Digital Twins to Improve Home Buying Experience

03/01/2022 at 9:15 AM EST

App Developers AgentRelay and Boost3D create interactive virtual property showings with Matterport

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (“Matterport”) (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, and app developers AgentRelay and Boost3D are using digital twins to change the way real estate businesses present properties for sale. Both developers use Matterport to create virtual 3D experiences for the real estate industry, enabling industry professionals to offer their clients a more immersive home buying experience.

“Companies across a wide range of sectors are recognizing the value of having high-quality, dimensionally-accurate digital twins to enhance how they conduct business,” said Bernard Nguyen, Senior Director of Business Strategy, Residential Real Estate at Matterport. “In real estate, our partners and customers continue to push the envelope to maximize the listing experience for their clientele. From agent-guided experiences that enrich the Matterport virtual experience with a narrative and live discussion throughout the tour, to video conference-enabled experiences to explore the Matterport spaces together with the agent on screen.”

AgentRelay creates agent-guided 3D experiences with Matterport digital twins 
With virtual viewings increasing an agent’s success at closing deals, AgentRelay knew it could use Matterport digital twins and become a valuable resource for the real estate industry by translating the immediacy of an in-person tour with the convenience of a virtual one. AgentRelay integrates video conferencing, voice calls, and chat capabilities with Matterport’s digital twins so agents can interact with customers, giving home shoppers the freedom to virtually walk the bedrooms and living spaces with the agent in real time and on screen to answer questions and receive feedback. Agents can also showcase multiple properties in the same virtual showing, saving agents and their clients travel time from house to house. 

Additionally, AgentRelay is now generating valuable leads into its customers’ sales funnels by offering visitor registrations and viewing booking forms, placed directly inside their Matterport spaces, to drive engagement with anonymous online visitors. Further, AgentRelay now offers tools to track the properties each of those online visitors have explored and the platforms they used when viewing a Matterport digital twin-based 3D digital twin. This allows agents and brokers to then contact those prospects with a deep understanding of buying preferences to help identify digital marketing campaigns that deliver the most conversions.

“Matterport offers truly superior virtual experiences,” says Dan Cattermole, CEO at AgentRelay. “It has helped us provide a powerful virtual platform for our clients. The emphasis on quality and accuracy makes Matterport a market leader, and it is why we’re proud to develop our app on the Matterport platform.” Read the case study

Boost3D builds guided video conferencing experiences with Matterport 
Boost3D is changing the way their clients interact with digital twins across real estate through its embedded video conferencing solution, OpenHouse Live. The company used Matterport’s software development kit (SDK) to create its solution, which builds upon Matterport digital twins to provide guided experiences of any space. With OpenHouse Live, Boost3D clients can host up to fifty home shoppers at a time, which is the equivalent to hosting open houses on a Saturday, translating to both cost and time savings when compared to individual in-person viewings. It also allows businesses to pre-qualify the people they want to invite for physical visits and be more efficient when showing the property in person. 

Since its creation, Boost3D has provided their customers more engaging experiences by merging the physical and virtual worlds. With OpenHouse Live, customers can speak directly to the team in real-time, providing feedback and reactions regarding room layout, wall colors, space sizes and specifications, allowing customers to do more of the leg work involved in house hunting remotely, before visiting in person, demonstrating its value beyond the pandemic. In addition, OpenHouse provides an API to allow its clients to integrate with their existing systems, including customer retention management software and multiple listing services, providing a seamless experience for agents and clients alike.

“The completion of OpenHouse Live was particularly relevant to businesses seeking opportunities to help guests, students, customers, or teams provide personalized, guided tours,” says Mark Cuddy, Chief Technical Officer at Boost3D. “OpenHouse Live is gaining real traction with great uptake across a variety of sectors beyond real estate, including education, manufacturing, and cultural sites such as museums.” Read the case study

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